How to register for publication and presentation?

(1) Log-in to your user page.
(2) Select the registration page.
(3) Enter your information requested in the regestration page.
(4) Receive an invoice.
(5) Pay the registration fee.

※ First author must pay the registration fee by the end of July.
Recommended Internet Browser: Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge

Q & A
(1) What credit cards can I use?
→ Visa, Mastercard, AMEX
(2) Can I change the invoice address?
→ Yes. You can register your billing address in the registration page (sample).
(3) Can I use a bank transfer?
→ Only Japanese banks are supported. Please contact us after registering and receiving the invoice.
(2) I get an error in my name or affiliation.
→ There is a limit on the number of characters. Name: Up to 30 characters, Affiliation: Up to 100 characters.
(4) Can I change registered email-address?
→ Please contact us.
(5) I can't enter my credit card number in the registration site.
→ Ad blocking is likely to be affected. Cancellation method is here.
(6) How can I give a talk for oral presentation?
→ We will use Zoom for the oral presentation. If you can not give a live talk using Zoom, pre-recorded talk will be alternative. If this is the case for you, please contact us.
(7) How can I do poster presentation?
→ We will upload all the posters to our website (sample) and you will discuss with participants by text-base. We will request you to send us your poster before the conference.
(8) Announcement about presentation style
→ The final decision regarding your presentation style (oral or poster) will be made by Local Organizing Committee.