■ Guidelines for participants (how to access the online meeting?)

■ Oral presentation guidelines

■ Poster presentation guidelines

■ Guidelines for participants

・We will use Zoom Platform for oral presentations, and perform poster presentation by chat.
・To participate the oral presentation, please download Zoom App in advance and refer to the following detailed PDF.
・You will need to turn OFF your microphone and camera during the presentation except you ask your question to the presenters.
・Please visit poster site and leave your comments on the poster whenever you want. Then, the presenter will reply to your comments.

More details (PDF) 日本語版 (PDF)

■ Oral presentation guidelines
---- How to access the online meeting and give a talk on Zoom? ----

・We will use Zoom Platform for oral presentations.
・You will have 12 minutes for talk and 3 minutes for discussion.
・The presenters are recommended to arrive at the Zoom room 10 minutes before the start time of the session.
Please change your name like [Presenter] + your name. It will help to find you at the Zoom room.
・We highly recommend checking your audio before attending the Zoom room.
・You will use the function “share screen” to show your slides to the participants.
Note: MacOS users must test this process before the conference.
・When you first use this “share screen”, the MacOS will require a permission, then you need to restart Zoom.

More details (PDF)

■ Poster presentation guidelines

・We will upload your poster on our website. Here is an example of the poster page.
・The poster should be in A0 format (landscape). Please send your poster to us (contact@iahr-apd2020.jp).
・The participants will leave their comments on your poster, then you will reply to the comments for the discussion.
・The poster presentation will be open all the days of the conference.
・You can also put your own interactive tools (e.g., Zoom, Slack, etc) to communicate with the participants.