Online Technical Tour of 22nd IAHR-APD Congress 2020, Sapporo

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(1) Tokachi River (huge experimental flume and fishways)

(2) Ishikari River-mouth bridge near the estuary, Hokkaido, Japan

Downstream of the Ishikari River with a width of 1500m. The sluice gate of the confluent (Makunbetsu) river plays an important role to prevent backflow water in the low-gradient city area.

(3) Chiruwatsunai River, Kushiro Marsh, Hokkaido Japan

Beautiful Chiruwatsunai River meandering in Kushiro wetland, Hokkaido. The river is mostly spring water fed, has a gentle slope and an undisturbed topography for a long time.

(4) Amazing Tidal creek, Yausyubetsu River, Notsuke Peninsula, Hokkaido, Japan

Amazing tidal creek created by the tide of brackish Furen lake. It can be seen at the most eastern part of Hokkaido.

(5) Tidal Creeks, Syunkuni lagoon created by sandbars between the ocean and Furen Lake, Hokkaido, Japan

Shunkokutai is a tidal wetland created by sandbars. Given the diverse natural surroundings, this wetland is also called a “miracle island”.

(6) Toyohira River near the Sapporo City, Hokkaido, Japan

The Toyohira River having a steep gradient that flows through the center of Sapporo city. When it rains heavily, the river flows very fast.

(7) Deep waterfall of the Toyohira River, bedrock exposure, Hokkaido Japan

An exposed area of ​​bedrocks, located upstream of the Toyohira River. The waterfall is gradually moving upstream.

(8) Bibi River near the Chitose Airport, Hokkaido Japan

Bibi River is a relative small river but bery beautiful wetland contains lots of sprig water near the Chitose Airport.

(9) Bisei River damaged by 2016 record-braeking rainfall, Hokkaido, Japan

Confluence between the Tokachi and Bisei Rivers. This video was taken after one year had been passed from the 2016 record-breaking rainfall.

(10) Otofuke River damaged by 2016 record-braeking rainfall, Hokkaido, Japan

Otofuke River, a tributary of the Tokachi River, damaged by 2016 record-breaking rainfall.

(11) Gully terrain seen in Wakkanai area

A mountainous area where no trees grow due to the strong wind. You can see beautiful gully terrain.

(1-3) Introduction of the trecking course of the Tokachi RIver

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