1. River Engineering and Management

Hydraulic structures, Sediment transport,
River morphodynamics, River basin management, River ice engineering, Debris flows

2. Ports, Coastal Engineering and Management

Port and coastal structures, Coastal hydrolodynamics and morphology, Estuarine hydraulics,
Wetland protection, ocean and coastal waves

3. Environmental Hydraulics

Eco-hydraulics and management, River restoration, Surface water and groundwater hydraulics,
Contaminant flow, Water quality, fish passes

4. Hydrology and water resources

Water management, Water resources engineering and management, Extreme weather, Hydroinformatics

5. Irrigation and Drainage

Impact of climate change on irrigation and drainage systems, Water scarcity and drought,
Environmental impact of irrigation, Water supply and sanitation

6.Water-related Disaster Risk Reduction

Natural disasters, Disaster prevention engineering, Disaster information systems,
Flood disaster prediction, Tsunami, Bank erosion, Debris flows.etc.


Special Sessions

(1) Historical Water Projects and Traditional Water Technologies in the Asia-Pacific Region

(2) Fostering Human Resources for Water-related Challenges: Education and Young Professionals Network